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Well. My site ate itself. So I am starting over. Mostly the same, except more updated. :-)

The work on the site was designed, and in many cases, written by me. Instances where I performed a different role are noted. If you have a question, email me, by all means.

You can usually find me somewhere on the Internet.


Mail:  jetemple (at) mac (dot) com


June 3, 2010+br524+br680+br1

Solutions (In Chinese)

June 3, 2010+br481+br680+br2


June 3, 2010+br481+br680+br3

Happy Hollow

June 3, 2010+br512+br680+br4


June 3, 2010+br510+br680+br5

Logo - Jackson Triathlon Association

June 4, 2010+br504+br315+br6

Logo - BankPlus [Sr AD]

June 4, 2010+br432+br148+br7

Logo - Spricket24 [Social Media]

June 4, 2010+br388+br388+br8

Logo - ErgonArmor

June 4, 2010+br450+br124+br9

Logo - SpecFab

June 4, 2010+br850+br300+br10

Ergon Tradeshow Booth

June 4, 2010+br850+br550+br11

Save My Road Brochure - [CD]

June 4, 2010+br850+br566+br12

Save My Road - Tradeshow Display

June 4, 2010+br850+br598+br13

Political Design

June 4, 2010+br500+br680+br14

Industrial - Drilling

June 4, 2010+br480+br720+br15

Industrial - Drilling

June 4, 2010+br547+br792+br16

Industrial - Paragon

June 4, 2010+br561+br792+br17

Industrial - Pipes

June 4, 2010+br535+br792+br18

Library - Light

June 4, 2010+br850+br566+br19

Library - Chairs

June 4, 2010+br850+br566+br20

Library - Bench

June 4, 2010+br850+br561+br21

NYC - Central Park

June 4, 2010+br540+br720+br22

Wedding - Bride & Groom

June 4, 2010+br850+br637+br23

Wedding - Girl

June 4, 2010+br850+br576+br24

Child - Not Posed

June 4, 2010+br687+br680+br25

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